The Weatherman without the man.

Meteorologist is a free weather program for Mac OS X.

It allows users control over their weather viewing, including simultaneous interlaced weather reports from multiple weather locations, and much more.

-- 3.1.3 --

Change in processing for OpenWeatherMap. Location is now lat/long based. All users must update their location.
New option to display date instead of day in extended forecast.

-- Meteorologist Classic --

Meteorologist Classic is to keep Meteorologist alive for older OS's.
It works on 10.5+ systems and may not work on 10.10+.
You can visit their discussion thread here:
To get the latest version, visit their site.


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21 Nov 2017  Meteo 3.1.3 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Change in processing for OpenWeatherMap. Location is now lat/long based. All users must update their location.
  • New option to display date instead of day in extended forecast.

Download version 3.1.3

Latest News RSS Feed Available

1 Nov 2017  Meteo 3.1.2 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Correct a mistake in French translation

Download version 3.1.2

23 Oct 2017  Meteo 3.1.1 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Xcode 9.0.1 fixed the bug with 10.9

Download version 3.1.1

15 Oct 2017  Meteo 3.1.0 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Now written in Swift 4
  • Correct Yahoo date missing leading 0 on time's (7:7 vs 7:07)
  • DarkSky Extended Forecast now displays DOW based on local timezone (vs. UTC)
  • Correct current weather icon display from DarkSky
  • Still supporting 10.9 but this may be the last update

Download version 3.1.0

03 May 2017  Meteo 3.0.5 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Add French translation of: Patchy rain possible and moderate rain
  • Correct code signing issue
  • Update Dark Sky access

Download version 3.0.5

03 May 2017  Meteo 3.0.4 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Correct alignment of Forecast weather.
  • Correct link for Yahoo! weather.
  • Correct Wunderground location format.
  • If you are using Dark Sky, your update frequency will be a minimum of 60 minutes.
  • Add option to reset preferences.

Download version 3.0.4

8 Apr 2017  Meteo 3.0.3 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Correct problems with Last Update for Yahoo and OpenWeatherMap
  • Correct -9999 for wind direction for WeatherUnderground
  • Meteorologist is fully localized for the French language (thanks Manfred)
  • APIXU now has localized current and forecast conditions (but not other terms)
  • Dark Sky now has localized current and forecast conditions (but not other terms)
  • If you are using Dark Sky, your update frequency will be a minimum of 30 minutes.

Download version 3.0.3

26 Mar 2017  Meteo 3.0.2 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Improve French localizations
  • Add weather source
  • Add weather source
  • Display cached weather information if network connection is lost
  •     Does not detect if IP is assigned but router isn't connecting

Download version 3.0.2

16 Mar 2017  Meteo 3.0.1 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Fix launch failure on 10.9 systems
  • Add French localizations (any other volunteers?)
  • Add "Loading..." during the startup delay
  • Change default weather source back to Yahoo! (no API key necessary for now)

Download version 3.0.1

6 Mar 2017  Meteo 3.0.0 released!
Feature update.


  • Rather than trying to be all things for everybody for all weather stations for all locations, Meteo is now geared to be specific the particular weather service selected.
    • Each user will needs an API key for each weather source so the usage for one person doesn't infringe on another.
    • Also the Input City Name is specific to the service. For example WeatherUnderground will require IL/NAPERVILLE where the Input city for would be 157281. Experimentation with search city names will be required.
    • A new Display City field will be used to provide a "pretty" output display.
  • Upgraded Swift syntax to version 3 (still supports 10.9 and up)
  • Upgraded to Xcode 8.2.1
  • Switch weather source internal format from XML to json where possible
  • Add, WeatherUnderground, AerisWeather, and WorldWeatherOnline as data sources
    • WeatherUnderground is the recommended API for
    • OpenWeatherMap now requires an API key
    • No change to Yahoo
    • Recommended weather sources are OpenWeatherMap,WeatherUnderground, AerisWeather, or Yahoo
    • All except for Yahoo require individual API keys for each service so users don't step on each other - See the preference pane for additional information
    • Yahoo is still squirrely but seems to be stable lately
    • is forecast only, no current weather.
  • Add mmHg option for barometric pressure
  • Add option to rotate cities (on same schedule as weather refresh)
  • Add option to limit forecast days
  • Add option for startup delay to allow for computers using WiFi (default is 10 seconds - change to 0 for immediate launch)
  • Correct a crash if the non-system font (default TAHOMA) was disabled or otherwise not available

Download version 3.0.0

Apr 25 2016  Meteo 2.0.5 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Update provided by Eric W., a senior at Longwood University in Virginia (USA)
  • Animated "loading" icon weather information before the animation kicks in
  • Optional new graphics for the various weather conditions that work well with OS X's new recommendations
    • Graphics are Retina compatible
    • Default is Yes for new graphics
  • Sorry no change for Yahoo yet

Download version 2.0.5

Feb 16 2016  Meteo 2.0.4 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Correct setting of Preference Version.

Download version 2.0.4

Feb 12 2016  Meteo 2.0.3 released!
Maintenance release.


  • OpenWeatherMap is dropping data causing crashes. If experiencing empty data, wait and try to refresh in a little while.

Download version 2.0.3

Feb 10 2016  Meteo 2.0.2 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Prevent crash if invalid icon from OpenWeather (display "unknown" icon)
  • Display "unknown" icon from Yahoo if necessary

Download version 2.0.2

Jan 30 2016  Meteo 2.0.1 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Returns System Font for displays
  • System Font will work with Dark Menus
  • To request System Font, reselect font choice

Download version 2.0.1

Jan 22 2016  Meteo 2.0.0 released!
A whole new Meteorologist!


  • Rewritten in Swift for modern OS's
  • Requires 10.9 or greater
  • No longer screen scrapes, uses published XML interfaces
  • Sorry you will need to start your list of cities all over
  • Menubar only, no dock support

Download version 2.0.0

Dec 1 2012  Meteo 1.6.1 released!
Maintenance release.


  • INTEL Only!!!! No more PPC.
  • Requires OS X 10.5 or greater.
  • Get Radar working again.
  • Fix alignment with Extended Forecast.
  • Add Show Humidity option.
  • Remove white dot in Mission Control.

Download version 1.6.1

July 13 2011  Meteo 1.5.6 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible.
  • Update find cities location.

Download version 1.5.6

June 5 2011  Meteo 1.5.5 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Correct French localization (thanks to xf75013).
  • Corrected a problem reading an older preference file.
  • Correct a problem where only the last of multiple weather alerts were being sent to the alert.

Download version 1.5.5

May 29 2011  Meteo 1.5.4 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Fix crashes when adding a new city.
  • Fix Xcode options to allow Universal builds again.

Download version 1.5.4

April 17 2011  Meteo 1.5.3 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Add Portuguese localization.
  • Some attempt to fix formatting of "Forecasts on one line".
  • Add SMS Alert. Similar to email but less verbose.

Download version 1.5.3

August 21 2010  Meteo 1.5.2 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Fixed "Add City" name parsing.
  • Move weather link for alerts to beginning of message. If message was texted and city name was long, link was getting broken.
  • Fix ZIP for "Add City" search.
  • Corrected "Import this cities preferences" to read "Import this city's preferences" - bug 3015765
  • Add city name list now displays up to 25 cities (yes the text wrong)

Download version 1.5.2

June 3 2010  Meteo 1.5.1 released!
Maintenance release.


  • Fixed "Forecast - Link"
  • Radar Image is now a hyperlink
  • Fixed distance to allow global unit
  • German localization updates, thanks to Paul Egger and nitricware
  • New Japanese localization, thanks to Jumpei Suzuki
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed crash on 10.3 systems
  • Restored 9 day forecasts

Download version 1.5.1

March 10 2010   Meteo 1.5.0 released! changes site format, again
Just a few weeks after our latest release, has changed their site format again. User edwardd20 has again taken up the task of updating Meteo to deal with the changes, along with implementing a few other improvements.


  • Latest site changes (3 Mar 10)
  • Added a hyperlink link to weather alert message
  • Fixed some radar display bugs
  • Fixed hyperlink for Web Support Group
  • Update build version
  • Restored full browser based "Weather For" URL, no longer the mobile version
  • Major localization updates, now easier to add new localles
  • Added Italian localization thanks to "asdesign", partially incomplete
  • German localization is partially incomplete (always was)
  • Meteo will now auto quit when going to the web server to download a new version
  • Re-added UV Index and Visibility, delete and re-add city if they are not in acceptable order
  • Clicking on a weather alert in the menu will take you to a web page with details
  • Radar will not take up more then 1/3 of the width of your display, if you have too many menu bar items on a smaller width display, radar may be clipped
  • Corrected missing highlight bar on 10.3 and 10.4 systems
  • Now only gets up to 5 days of forecast weather regardless of requested value

Download version 1.5.0

February 22 2010   Meteo 1.4.9 released!
After multiple beta versions and great testing and feedback by Meteo users, version 1.4.9 is now out! A great thanks goes out to user edwardd20 for picking up work on Meteo and providing the necessary fixes to make it work again.

Please note: all users who were using the beta versions should update to this official release.


  • General parsing and search fixes
  • Fixed weather alerts
  • New and improved radar images

Download version 1.4.9

February 6 2010   Meteo problems and fixes
The latest release of Meteo no longer works for updating weather data, as has changed their page layout again.

However, fellow Meteo user edwardd20 has come to the rescue! He has been working on a beta which fixes these and some other issues. You can find release information and more details on the relevant Help forum thread (note that the newest posts are at the end).

Please note that as always, the Meteo team does not endorse this beta version in any way, but we wanted to publicize it so that users (especially new ones) can use the app and not just give up on it.

September 6 2007   Meteo 1.4.8
Just days after the 1.4.7 release, a new release is out to fix the menubar icon bug.

If anyone is interested in either updating a localization of Meteo, or adding a new localization, please contact Joe at joecrow "@" users "dot" source forge "dot" net.


  • Fixed Menubar Icon

Download version 1.4.8

September 4 2007   Meteo 1.4.7
Meteorologist user Henrik Levkowetz has provided the community with a fix of weather data for International Cities. For anyone with an international city in her city list, this update is a must. Thanks Henrik!

If anyone is interested in either updating a localization of Meteo, or adding a new localization, please contact Joe at joecrow "@" users "dot" source forge "dot" net.

Download version 1.4.7


  • Fixed International Cities
  • Updated German and French localizations, added Spanish Localization

July 13 2007   Meteo 1.4.6
We've again fixed city search. Hopefully it doesn't break a few days later this time!

Download version 1.4.6

Meteorologist 1.4.6 only works for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or greater.


  • Fixed City Search

June 26 2007   Meteo 1.4.5
The Meteo team has finally released a new version of Meteorologist. Please see the release notes below for more information.

Download version 1.4.5

Meteorologist 1.4.5 only works for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or greater.


  • Fixed City Search
  • Fixed Zip Code Search
  • Icons now included within program
  • Fixed UI problems

27 May 2007   New Release Soon
We're working on a new fix for city search. Please stay tuned for a new release.

14 March 2007   City search broken, fixes
Since Meteo's lead developer is currently busy and has little time to work on the program, a huge problem – the inability to search for and add new cities – has remained unfixed for a fairly long time. While there currently is no "official" fix to the problem, a member of the Meteo user community has come forward with a small "patching" application that will allow the search function to work again.

You can find this utility, called Fix Meteorologist, on MacUpdate. The Meteo team does not endorse this patch in any way, but we wanted to publicize it so that users (especially new ones) can use the app and not just give up on it (since it was essentially impossible to add new cities). A special thanks goes out to Diamond Software for coming up with the patch and making it available.    [ Discuss... ]

9 April 2006   Small updates
Some new screenshots have been posted online for those of you who want to see what you're getting before you download it.

In addition, an Intel-native build (Universal Binary) is in the works. If you'd like to help out with this effort, please let us know!

If you have submitted a bug at some point, we also ask you to check its status and close it if the problem has gone away or been otherwise resolved. Thanks!    [ Discuss... ]

1 October 2005   New release (1.4.4) !
The Meteo team is proud to announce a new stable release - version 1.4.4; it includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed city search for many U.S., Canadian, European, and Australian cities (Thanks to Laurent Daudelin for providing a fix)
  • Fixed a crash during first startup
  • Now contains partial localizations in German and French

Go ahead and download the release now. Note that there are two different files: one for Jaguar users, and another for Panther and Tiger users. Please be sure to select the file appropriate for your system.    [ Discuss... ]

21 July 2005   Updates from the helm
A couple of things have happened since the last update.
First, another alpha version of the next major release of Meteo, Meteo 2.0a2, was released on June 5th. See the release notes and give it a try - but only if you're feeling adventurous - the version is still littered with numerous bugs.
In addition, it appears that recently broke the search function for many European cities. The Meteo team will look into this soon to try to resolve the issue.
Lastly, the FAQ has just been updated to include a question about adding radar to your list of weather items. Note that while radar it turned off by default, you can still add it! Just go over to the FAQ and see for yourself.    [ Discuss... ]

1 June 2005   Trackers cleaned up
After some quiet time on the website, lensovet has re-emerged and has undertaken a thorough cleaning of the Bug and Feature Request trackers. If you submitted an item, please visit it to view updated information (if you haven't received an email already).
In addition, we are planning two releases to appear very soon!    [ Discuss... ]

18 February 2005   Website expanded
The webpage has been expanded a bit. I have added the FAQ page, which is a bit nicer than the Doc version at this point. A new navigation box sits on the left side of the page as well.
In addition, a screenshot has been added to the Screenshots section of the SF project area.

6 February 2005   FAQs now available
The much-anticipated FAQ is now available. You can find it in the Docs section of the SourceForge project area. The document will shortly be added to the Meteo homepage and will also become a part of the next Meteo release.
View the FAQs at this page now.

4 February 2005   New version 1.4.3 released
This version of Meteo fixes various problems that have been found in 1.4.2, including the question mark icon bug.


  • Fixed ? icon.
  • Fixed crash when no city name and no temperature are displayed in the menu.
  • Fixed a crash caused when spaces were contained in the download url.
  • Fixed bug where windspeed would be displayed as: "CALM mph."
  • Fixed bug for default city of Cupertino, CA during first launch.

Download it now.

22 January 2005   We need your questions!
The Meteo team is compiling a FAQ answer page that will be available online and in future releases of Meteo

Please leave us a comment on the forum with any questions you might have.

20 January 2005   New version 1.4.2 released
This version of Meteo fixes various problems that have been found in 1.4.1, including a consistent crash problem.


  • Fixed a bug where the rain icon was displayed during snow flurries
  • Fixed a bug where Meteo crashed after wakeup
  • Fixed an interface glitch regarding the enabling of Global Units
  • Fixed the ability to change the pressure units
  • Fixed a bug in version 1.4.0 in converting the pressure units to hectopascals

Download now from the downloads page.

19 January 2005   Version 1.4.2 soon
Users have been struggling with problems and bugs found in version 1.4.1. Among the problems are crashes and never-ending "Loading..." Menu Items.

Unfortunately, is down for maintenance so I cannot post 1.4.2 tonight, it will have to wait until tomorrow morning (afternoon GMT). Version 1.4.2 addresses several issues: a situation where the rain icon was displayed during snow flurries, a crash after wakeup from sleep, an interface glitch regarding the enabling/disabling of Global Units, the ability to change the pressure units, and correct conversion of the pressure units to hectopascals.

18 January 2005   Version 1.4.1 released
Meteo is back. support is fixed. Plus: I've fixed the Dock, re-enabled automatic updates, and redirected Meteo's debug output to a separate log file.

Download it now.

16 January 2005   New format for breaks Meteo forecasts
Meteo's data source is has changed its page again. This change prevents Meteo from parsing and displaying forecasts correctly. Only limited information is displayed (current temperature). The changes are site-wide and affect all locations and zip codes. Reports from Canadian, European, and US locations confirm the bad news.

Meteo developer joecrow is aware of the problem “...Unfortunately it takes a while to fix it. It's rather frustrating, too...” version 2 was planned to alleviate this problem “...but it's not ready for prime time yet.”

In version 2 it should be very easy to add support for NOAA to Meteo -- though this probably will not help international users.